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A Beautiful Rose


I am beyond excited to announce that my sweet baby granddaughter Isabella Rose was born on Sunday, August 10th!

Annie bella4 Kev

I was so happy to be present when she was born. Annie’s mom Amy and I have been friends for a long while and it was really special to be able to welcome our granddaughter into the world together.


As you can imagine, her aunties and uncles were all pretty excited to hold her.

Peter Matt Mary Maria Maggie

Her Pop-Pop Quigley too.


We are the new “Grammie and Pop-Pop”. We didn’t get to choose our grandparent names, we were assigned them by Kevin, but that’s OK, we don’t mind. GrammieandPopPop

I can’t really express how special it is to become a grandmother, but I will say that it’s truly beautiful to see the way love multiplies. We are so very grateful to God for the gift of this child.

DSC_0786 bella2


And then they were three. Kevin, Annie & Isabella


  1. waltzingmtx says

    She’s so beautiful! Congratulations. My kids squealed with excitement when I told them “Miss Chele” had a grandbaby!

  2. Carole in Wales says

    What a lovely baby! And a wonderful family. Your pictures are truly a blessing to you all. Congratulations! (We did not choose our grandparent names either!)

  3. How beautiful they are! And what a beautiful gift that you were able to be with them at such a special time.

    PS I think “Grammie” is great! I can’t wait to become a grandma, but I think I’m still a few years away.

  4. Oh how wonderful! Sich bountiful joy :-) Congratulations to you all!

    (I giggled, because with my 12 and 15 year olds? I am already discussing possible ‘grandmother’ names for me)

  5. Debbie Zweifel says

    Congratulations. I too became a grandma for the first time this year. It’s so different than being a mom. I love it! And I love my little grandson too! I set up a separate photo album on my phone so I could show pictures of him to friends when they ask without them having to see hundreds of pictures of my new little one (who is usually in my arms).
    We are waiting for Levi to be old enough to tell us what are names are going to be. Most kids have a bit of a hard time saying Grandma and Grandpa and they come up with their own cutesy name. So far, and he is 9 months old, he doesn’t call me anything yet.

    • Debbie Zweifel says

      Please forgive the errors. The kids are still schooling and I am trying to tell them how to spell while I type. I’m afraid age has made that kind of multi-tasking very difficult.

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