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A Prayer Request

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We were hit with a stomach flu a few weeks ago and it has been oh so slowly making the rounds. I was sick a week ago and unfortunately find myself sick again today as I woke up with stomach pains and a massive headache. Worst of all is the toll it takes on my children who have type 1 diabetes — Matthew and Maggie.

Matthew was hospitalized over the weekend for diabetic ketoacidosis (aka DKA). He’s home now but we’re watching him closely. Yesterday was his 10th birthday and we were glad he didn’t have to spend it in the hospital. Maggie is not feeling well at all and we are working to keep her out of DKA but prayers would really be appreciated.

If you have tried to get hold of me and I am haven’t responded please bear with me as I am quite overwhelmed at the moment.


  1. ritadavidson says

    Prayers for you Michelle! It can be so scary to see our little ones ill. Rest in God’s peace that HE is in control. Try to be open to HIS will. Take time to rest and recoup and enjoy your family. It is the best way to heal! Sending HUGS! Xo :)

  2. Will pray for you. Wow two kids with type !. Illness of any type is a big stress on diabetes. I have had the disease for 45 years (come September). Got it when I turned 12. God bless you and give you strength. I hope you and they feel better and get some rest and the sugars back under control

  3. Praying your angels will be at your side, and the bug moves out quickly! I am always so careful not to go out when anyone in our house is sick because I always think about the people for whom a cold or virus is much more than just a cold or virus — like an elderly person for whom a cold turns into pneumonia or for your children for whom a stomach virus becomes DKA. I wish everyone would consider other’s needs before convenience.

    • Me too Barbara. Unfortunately I think a lot it what we contract now comes home with my husband from work. :/

  4. Hope you are all feeling better. i was considering a drive by but wanted to give you healing time. Don’t forget to hold on to a planner for me.

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