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Project 365: Days 52 – 58


Grace Days™

Maureen Wittmann and I have teamed up to start a new initiative called Grace Days

Our vision to help Catholic women find God’s grace in their vocations and in their everyday lives. Our aim is to facilitate local, face to face, fellowship and spiritual nourishment for Catholic homeschooling mothers while also offering virtual support for all Catholic women.

A Grace Days™ Virtual Retreat is planned for Advent 2015 while local Grace Days™ events are being formed around the country.

To celebrate the launch of this new initiative we have a fabulous giveaway going that is packed full of prizes meant to nourish your soul.

Do pop over to the new website and take a look around and be sure to enter the giveaway while you are there!


Project 365: Days 39 – 46


The calendar that almost wasn’t.

Over two months ago I announced that I finally had the new wall calendar listed in the shop with plans to ship in time for Christmas. It was almost ready to go. . . until it wasn’t. I ended up having so many crazy issues with formatting and printing at the end that I very nearly ditched the whole thing. But I already had orders and I wanted to fill them and deliver what I promised. A month of sicknesses and a child in the hospital made it all the more difficult, but the kind notes from customers and one friend in particular, kept me pressing on until finally the finished and properly formatted calendar arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

I am very pleased with it and proud to say that it’s beautiful indeed!


It’s in the shop (and on my shelves) and available NOW.

If you already ordered your calendar shipped today. Thank you so much for your patience!!