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Sowing the Seeds that Help Your Children Bloom


I’m going offline for the next week or so to catch up on a few things and finish up preparations for the new school year. I hope to be able to blog more regularly in the months to come as I find myself missing the slower, more thoughtful pace here as compared to other places online.

While I’m gone here’s a talk I gave 2 years ago at the [GMCHE] Greater Milwaukee Catholic Home Educators Conference.

I hope it’s encouraging to you as you start your new school year.



*image: Ludwig Knaus; “Girl in a field”


  1. Thanks for your lovely talk. I’ve also received your planner in the mail recently and like it very much. You mentioned in your talk that one of my favorite authors, G.K. Chesterton, was a friend of Charlotte Mason. I had read that Frances Chesterton had worked with Mason but did not know Mason had also known G.K. Chesterton well. I would love to read further about their friendship, if you know of any sources, because I have enjoyed reading Mason over the summer and love Chesterton. Also, I’m very excited to hear in your talk that Chesterton will be an inspiration for your high school curriculum. I had been saying recently that if my children can read, understand, and enjoy Chesterton by high school, I will have accomplished a major homeschooling goal.

    All the best,
    Beth Toft

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