The Colonial Dress Project

The Colonial Dress Project

My daughter Maria and I will be dressing in Colonial America garb for a local July 4th celebration. The making of our dresses will be a long project as the event is over nine months away and we are going to try and make them as accurately as possible. Since she is homeschooled I thought this would be a great way to include all kinds of history lessons of the time period. She will be helping to hand sew some of the items and my thought is that she will be learning through the process and be able to answer any questions she may be asked at the event. Plus I think it will be lots of fun.

This is the pattern I will be using for her dress.

I made it for her last year as a Marie Antoinette style dress but it’s the same era and will work well for Colonial America.

She didn’t wear stays (a corset type garment NOT meant to be tight laced but to help with posture) but a girl her age WOULD have so she will be for the event –as will I.

This is the pattern I will be using for our stays.

My dress will come from one of these two sources.

These are my shoes. 🙂


I will post as we progress (I’ll be doing videos too) and I will be using the hashtag #colonialdressproject on Facebook and Instagram if you want to follow along.

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